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Jezebel Poster
Released Runtime Category
1938 103 Drama, Romance
Director Language
William Wyler English
Bette Davis, Henry Fonda


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What's it About

Julie Marsden (Davis) is a willful New Orleans belle engaged to banker Preston Dillard (Fonda) in the antebellum South. Julie is also needy and manipulative, which soon drives Pres away. He later returns with a wife, which foils Julie's plans for a reconciliation. After finding new ways to cause mischief among the menfolk, Julie seizes one final chance to redeem herself.

Why we love it

Jezebel was Davis's consolation prize for not landing the part of Scarlett O'Hara. Inevitably compared to “Gone With the Wind” (released one year later), this lavish melodrama stands on its own, thanks to Wylers expert direction and his camera's loving attention to Warner's biggest female star. Davis, who nabbed her second Best Actress Oscar for this, is superb and looks glorious, while Fonda is suitably restrained as Pres. Don't miss the famous scene at the ball.

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