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Isle of Dogs

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Isle of Dogs

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What's it About

In Japan of the near future, the mayor of Megasaki City (Nomura) banishes all dogs to Trash Island due to a pandemic of dog flu. Spots, the pet of the mayor’s nephew Atari (Rankin), is exiled and the boy flies to the island to look for him. After a crash landing, Atari is rescued by a pack of dogs led by Chief (Cranston) and they continue the search. Meanwhile a scientist has found a cure for the flu but the mayor is still set on exterminating all canines.

Why we love it

In meticulous stop-motion animation, Anderson creates a visually arresting tale that touches the heart and feels totally relevant in today’s polarized political environment. Each dog is lovingly rendered (under the aegis of Andy Gent) with mournful doggy eyes and matted fur; the low-key humor is delivered in a delightfully deadpan tone by the excellent cast. A painterly gem that rewards frequent viewings, this award-winning fable is not just for dog lovers!

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