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It Ain't Over

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It Ain't Over

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Today, legendary Yankees catcher Yogi Berra is best remembered for his diminutive stature and celebrated “Yogi-isms”, like “It ain’t over till it’s over”. Sadly, his quirky persona often obscured his incredible talent and the records he set, including the number of World Series games he played in: a whopping 75. Perhaps most impressive is that Yogi remained a decent, modest human being over his long career in this highly competitive, cutthroat sport. This important film sets the record straight on this fascinating figure.

Why we love it

Director Mullin’s touching, revealing doc contrasts the authentic Yogi Berra with the somewhat comical image created for him by the sportswriters of the day, which many fans swallowed whole. Still, most everyone loved Yogi, particularly his family who are on hand to share memories and pay tribute. (Look for Lindsay Berra, a particularly eloquent and impassioned champion of her late grandfather’s legacy.) “It Ain’t Over” delivers a warm, nostalgic but also clear-eyed portrait of a player who was much more than he seemed to be.