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Iraq for Sale

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Iraq for Sale

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What's it About

Who's benefiting from the war in Iraq? American citizens or multinational corporations? In this electrifying doc, Robert Greenwald explores the various means through which private contractors and their corporate parents are profiting handsomely— — to the tune of billions—from supplying and managing war operations in Iraq. Speaking to soldiers, truck drivers, military personnel, and whistleblowers, he lays out the case for the greed and corruption that is costing taxpayers and taking lives.

Why we love it

Greenwald ("Outfoxed,"” "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price"”) is a specialist when it comes to agit-prop documentary filmmaking, but his claims that unchecked avarice and gross incompetence are the defining traits of our war overseas are convincingly argued here, and supported by a wealth of materials and testimonies. It's particularly galling to see how our losses in Iraq benefit entities like Halliburton and Blackwater, two of the biggest contractors in the region. But it's the devastating effect of the war on families and servicemen that makes the biggest impact.

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