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    What's it About

    This Australian entry concerns widower and senior citizen Andreas Borg (Tingwell), who impulsively reaches out to his first love Claire (Blake), whom he hasn't seen in nearly fifty years. They meet innocently enough (she's still married), but it's quickly evident that their long-ago feelings have never died. This causes Claire to face the stagnation in her own marriage to John (Norris), and realize that she wants to spend whatever time she has left with Andreas.

    Why we love it

    This sweet, tender December/December romance executes its tricky premise with finesse and feeling, thanks to sensitive handling by director Paul Cox. Most poignant is the juxtaposition of the revived romance with images of Andreas and Claire's earlier passion, when their whole adult lives lay before them. Though Tingwell seems a bit rickety for Andreas, his performance still resonates. But it's Blake who steals the film as Claire, a woman facing unexpected joy — and pain — late in life.

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