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Indiscreet Poster
Released Runtime Category
1958 100 Romance
Director Language
Stanley Donen English
Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Phyllis Calvert, Cecil Parker


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What's it About

Industrialist Philip Adams (Grant), on business in London, meets famous stage actress Anna Kalman (Bergman) and pretends to be married, presumably to avoid the subject further down the road. She still can't help falling in love with him, of course. But when the fiery, proud Anna learns he's actually not married, she schemes to make him pay for his ruse.

Why we love it
Here director Donen makes excellent use of two gorgeous, charismatic stars who share superb on-screen chemistry. He also creates a deliciously elegant atmosphere with colorful, chic sets, scenic London locales, and stunning Dior gowns – all of which comprise a feast for the eyes. "Indiscreet" will transport you back to a more civilized time and place, when the words "sophisticated" and "comedy" could actually go together. It's all light as a feather, but great fun nonetheless. 

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