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In the Shadow of the Moon

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In the Shadow of the Moon

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What's it About

During the great space race, president John F. Kennedy launched the Apollo program to make good on his promise to land a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. By the end of Apollo, in 1972, twelve men had walked on the face of the moon. Here filmmaker David Sington brings nearly all of them together for the first time to discuss their personal and professional memories of the historic program. The film pairs flavorful one-on-one interviews with archival news reports and never-before-seen NASA footage.

Why we love it

Considering how many of us fantasized about being an astronaut as kids, it's hard not to be delighted and astounded by this in-depth look at the men who actually lived the dream of space exploration. "Shadow" exposes the rich memories and winning personalities of these living legends (with Michael Collins coming off particularly well), while re-acquainting us with the breathtaking views of the cosmos they captured. The film deftly combines interviews and footage to recreate all the excitement, uncertainty, and frustration of the early days of space travel. Epic in scope but intimate in execution, this riveting doc brings the deserving Apollo astronauts out of the shadows of history.