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In China They Eat Dogs

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In China They Eat Dogs

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Still smarting from his breakup with Henne (Dyrholm), who thinks he’s too dull, bank teller Arvid (Čukić) springs into action one day, foiling a holdup by bashing would-be robber Franz (Gantzler) over the head with a squash racket. When he learns that Franz resorted to crime to pay for his wife Astrid’s (Kruse) fertility treatments, Arvid plans another stickup to help out the childless couple.

Why we love it

A box-office smash in Denmark, Olsen’s “Dogs” is a dead-on, darkly funny caper comedy about a teller who, in tandem with his crooked brother Harald (Kim Bodnia), unleashes bloody mayhem in their bid to help a down-and-out couple. When they land on the wrong side of the Yugoslavian mafia, all hell breaks loose in the crossfire. Explosions, double crosses, jailbreaks, cases of mistaken identity, and philosophical jibber-jabber all figure into this witty, entertaining, high-energy gangster film, a fun cross between “Pulp Fiction” and Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch,” with a decidedly dour Dutch twist.

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