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    What's it About

    Norman Dale (Hackman) has a checkered past coaching basketball, with his natural gift for the game repeatedly undermined by a volcanic temper. Finally exiled from college ball, he takes a job coaching an Indiana high-school team with low morale and limited prospects. On a mission, Norman proceeds to whip the team into shape — but not before ruffling some influential feathers. Will Norman keep his job long enough to see how far his team can go?

    Why we love it

    Deeply felt, tense and exciting, this fact-based movie is anchored by yet another bravura Hackman performance, as a man who must confront his demons and restore his own sense of worth. Dennis Hopper also registers in an Oscar-nominated turn as Shooter, a former player who loves the game, but who's also the town drunk — until Norman jolts him back to help the team. One can also credit director David Anspaugh's expert shooting of all the on-court play, which steadily builds suspense all the way to a breathless climax. Jerry Goldsmith's rousing original score also received a well-deserved Oscar nod. Here's that rare thing: a good old fashioned, feel-great movie for the whole family (though best for older children).

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