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    Homage to Chagall

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    Homage to Chagall

    What's it About

    Shot on the eve of a huge retrospective exhibition of Marc Chagall's work at the Louvre — the first ever devoted to a living artist — "Homage" takes us on an insightful journey through the Russian émigré's remarkable life and work. Narrated by James Mason and Joseph Wiseman, it features candid interviews with Chagall and his wife, and a probing look at his major works.

    Why we love it

    Rasky's film tribute is a demanding but richly rewarding study of this magnificent artist, who lived and worked in France. A poet and mystic as well as a painter, Chagall truly was a fascinating personality. Here, haunting shots of his work are juxtaposed with readings of the artist's own words by actors Mason and Wiseman. What emerges is a penetrating, often profound portrait of an authentic genius, whose goal was to portray the many shades and facets of love.

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