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Hell or High Water Poster
Released Runtime Category
2016 102 Action-Adventure
Director Language
David Mackenzie English
Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Katy Mixon, Jeff Bridges, Gil Birmingham

Hell or High Water

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What's it About

Divorced dad Toby (Pine) and his ex-con brother Tanner (Foster) pull off local bank heists in West Texas to pay off the reverse-mortgage on their soon-to-be-foreclosed ranch. Tracking them down is grizzled, laconic Texas ranger Hamilton (Bridges) who starts to see a pattern in their movements. When one last robbery takes a violent turn, the brothers flee, with the steadfast veteran cop on their heels.

Why we love it

As much social commentary as white-knuckle actioner, this modern western takes genre conventions and overlays them with a contemporary sheen of working class desperation. Foster, playing a loose cannon, is feral and unpredictable next to Pine, who exudes a measure of decency despite his actions. Armed with a sharp script by Taylor Sheridan (“Sicario”), director Mackenzie has crafted a topical, deeply layered crime drama, earning four Oscar nominations in the process. One went to Bridges, who steals the film.

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