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Hanna Ranch

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Hanna Ranch

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What's it About

Kirk Hanna, a Colorado rancher, came from a rich farming tradition. As urban development and pollution threatened his way of life, he campaigned for laws to safeguard his land. He became known as the “eco-cowboy” for his embrace of Holistic Resource Management practices which favor a sustainable environment over profit and turnover. Despite being president of the Colorado Cattleman’s Association and having a loving wife and children, Kirk struggled to overcome the tragedy of his past and the challenges of his present.

Why we love it

Dickman presents the story of Hanna with clarity and a balanced perspective. With Schlosser (author of “Fast Food Nation”) on board as a producer and commentator, the personal Hanna story takes on more far-reaching, political dimensions. Hanna went against the local cattle rancher community as well as his own brother in an effort to protect his noble vision. Beautiful cinematography of the landscape of the West enhances this urgent message and puts the deeply sad story of Hanna into a global context.