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Hannah and Her Sisters

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Hannah and Her Sisters

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What's it About

A mosaic of modern urban anxieties, Allen's warm, witty film tracks the lives and loves of three sisters living in Manhattan: eldest sibling Hannah (Farrow), unhappy, neurotic Holly (Wiest), and beautiful Lee (Hershey). Hannah's married to Elliot (Caine), who carries a torch for Lee, while Holly  who's dating Hannah's ex-husband Mickey (Allen) — has trouble reconciling her messy life with Hannah's apparently ordered, exemplary existence.

Why we love it

One of Woody's most intricately plotted films, "Hannah" is also one of his most tenderly observed, right up there with "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan." Plumbing the romantic entanglements and unspoken desires of its three titular characters, Allen draws out the inner worlds of his all-too-human subjects in rich detail. With an impeccable cast — Wiest and Caine both won Oscars for their supporting roles — and a wise, arch script by the Woodman himself, "Hannah" examines the chronic dissatisfaction that permeates our complex and conflicted lives.

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