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Good Morning, Night

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Good Morning, Night

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What's it About

Chiara (Sansa) and Ernesto (Bellocchio) appear to be a young newlywed couple renovating their sprawling new apartment. In reality, they are Red Brigade terrorists, and their group has kidnapped Christian Democratic Party leader Aldo Moro (Herlitzka), whom they've tucked away in a space behind a false wall. As the fallout from their past actions surge around them (five people are dead as a result), Chiara begins to harbor doubts about their methods.

Why we love it

Based on the infamous 1978 nabbing and murder of the former Prime Minister after a 55-day detention by communist brigadists, Bellocchio's tense, low-key thriller adopts the conscious and subconscious viewpoint of Chiara, Moro's sole female captor, played with consummate skill by Sansa. Filmed in noirish blue tones, Bellocchio's film traces Chiara's subtle shift from blind ideology to humanitarian conscience, prompted by her obsessive vigilance over Moro and her arguments with co-worker Enzo (Paolo Briguglia). Not to be missed, "Night" is a powerful, affecting film about an explosive and still timely issue: namely, how far the disaffected among us are willing to go to effect social or political change.