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Give Me Liberty

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Give Me Liberty

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What's it About

Vic (Galust) is a young medical transport driver, and he’s running late in delivering his disabled clients to their various appointments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When out of sympathy he agrees to transport a group of stranded elderly mourners to the funeral of a beloved friend, the already harried Vic’s schedule gets even more out of whack. In the van, we also meet Tracy (Spencer), a proud young woman struggling with ALS, and Dima (Stoyanov), a slightly deranged but good-natured fellow who claims to be the nephew of the lady who has died. In the midst of all this tension and chaos, some fascinating characters meet, interact and connect in unexpected ways. Detours abound along the route. Dealing with a broken system and the marginalized people within it, it’s all in a day’s work for Vic.

Why we love it

Mikhanovsky’s raw, pitch-black comedy is not for all tastes, but if you’re open to it, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Much like Vic’s speeding, overcrowded van, it’s a bizarre, dizzying ride which often risks going off the rails but still manages to reach its destination. The cast of immensely appealing non-actors helps: Galust strikes just the right note as Vic, a harried but decent young man with a defiant streak who does not love his job and may well lose it. Spencer evokes an affecting combination of pluckiness and vulnerability as Tracy, and  Stoyanov provides vital comic relief as a thoroughly coarse yet curiously charming con man. The movie’s kinetic, thrown together quality feels just right for the material, and best of all, it’s filled with heart and humanity. If you are truly craving something completely different, I give you “Liberty.”  Hang on tight!