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Ghost World

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Ghost World

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What's it About

Life-long friends and perpetual social outsiders Enid (Birch) and Rebecca (Johansson) take a non-traditional path after high school, avoiding college in favor of part-time jobs – a choice that affords them more opportunities to ridicule anyone or anything they encounter. But Enid's attitudes soften when she discovers a kindred spirit in thirty-something jazz-collecting nerd Seymour (Buscemi). It may not turn out be romance in the conventional sense (there's nothing conventional about either of them), but it's going to be interesting.

Why we love it

An inspired take on late adolescent alienation and angst, Zwigoff's "Ghost World" – adapted from the graphic novel by Daniel Clowes – is a clever and quirky character piece that offers substantial rewards. The three leads are all great; also watch for Ileanna Douglas as Enid's eccentric art teacher Roberta. Yes, the movie is funny, but there's also wisdom and heart behind the laughs. A small gem and a keeper, we advise you to enter this "World."

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