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In a traveling circus, the beautiful but treacherous trapeze artist Cleopatra (Baclanova) learns that fellow worker Hans (Earles), a midget, has money; she plots to marry him, then bump him off to inherit the loot. She doesn't count on the fact that Hans is part of a very tight circle of side-show performers, and that they always protect their own kind.

Why we love it

Reviled, and in some places banned on release, Tod Browning's cult horror classic is like nothing else you'll ever see – bizarre, bold, and altogether brilliant. A standard soap opera premise is elevated by the conceit of "normal" people as villains, and "freaks" as heroes. Browning gets the most out of his unusual cast, mostly non-actors, and creates an eerie, chill-inducing atmosphere throughout. Don't miss that knockout climax.

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