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    Forks Over Knives

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    Forks Over Knives

    What's it About

    Americans today are more unhealthy than ever, and at a higher risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Not surprisingly, the high-fat foods we're consuming are a major culprit. But a cure is readily available that can extend life and even restore good health without medication or surgery: a plant-based diet. "Forks" presents the work of two trailblazing scientists — biochemist Campbell and surgeon Esselstyn — who independently made this discovery and have lots of compelling research to back their claims. Interviews with the doctors and other experts add a new spin to the subject of veganism, as do profiles of real patients (including director Wilkerson) who've gotten a second lease on life by changing what they eat.

    Why we love it

    This engaging documentary is unapologetically single-minded in arguing that anyone who eats a plant-based diet will be healthier. But you don’t have to swallow “Forks” whole to enjoy it. Even if you don’t choose to go vegan after seeing this, you’ll probably consider reducing your cheeseburger consumption. In Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn, we find two authoritative professionals at the forefront of addressing a national health crisis — and the regular Joes who get well by altering their diet only reinforce the veracity of their claims. “Forks” is the only movie we know of that comes with a medical warning: “This movie could save your life.” Watch it in good health!

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