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Food, Inc.

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Food, Inc.

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Most people realize that fast food is junk. But what about the goods we buy at the grocery store? Drawing on the work of Eric Schlosser ("Fast Food Nation") and Michael Pollan ("The Omnivore’s Dilemma"), filmmaker Robert Kenner visits feed lots, farms, slaughterhouses, and other agricultural outposts where FDA-approved food is sourced and sold to wholesalers. He then explores how federal agencies collude with corporations to put profit over people. What he uncovers is sure to give you heartburn.

Why we love it

E. coli outbreaks, obesity, and soaring rates of diabetes are just some of the health ills we face in the U.S., but these ailments are almost certainly connected to the toxins and hormones that are used to plump up everything from tomatoes to chickens. Kenner talks to advocates on both sides of the debate, examining the downside of genetically-modified produce, as well as practices of corporate farming that adversely affect nutrition, health, worker safety, and the environment. “Food Inc.” is a great muckraking documentary that presents the facts without simply cramming them down our throat.

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