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Fire of Love

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Fire of Love

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What's it About

Maurice and Katia Krafft, a married pair of British scientists, sacrificed family and a normal life to track and analyze active volcanoes over three decades. Their all-consuming mission was scientific and spiritual in nature. They were fearless, at times reckless, but not out of ignorance. They recognized the risk in getting close to these awesome, unpredictable eruptions of nature but were reconciled to premature death in pursuit of their passion. Tragically, they got their wish, but their sacrifice was not in vain.

Why we love it

This film tells a fascinating true story too few people know about, combining danger, adventure, romance…and science! Fortunately, the Kraffts captured most of their perilous missions on camera, so director Dosa had plenty to work with. Just as important, she evokes this brilliant, eccentric couple as human beings, so we better understand the decisions they made. Footage of volcano activity is predictably breathtaking, particularly given Maurice and Katia’s proximity to the center of the action. You too should get close to “The Fire of Love.”