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Eternity and a Day

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Eternity and a Day

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What's it About

Nearing death, Alexander (Ganz) takes to the streets for one last stroll through his beloved Greek city. As he does so, he runs across a young Albanian immigrant (Skevis), who he saves from a gang of child kidnappers. The boy becomes Alexander's on-and-off companion through his evening odyssey, a journey that moves easily from past to present, and from reality to fantasy.

Why we love it

Greek master Angelopoulos is often described as a challenging filmmaker, but those willing to submit to his patient rhythms here will be rewarded with a deep, resonant meditation on mortality. A master of the long, choreographed take, Angelopoulos stacks stunning sequence on top of stunning sequence as Alexander moves further and further along the path from life to death. If unpacking and making cinematic one man's passing weren't enough, Angelopoulos also finds time in his scenario to examine the state of the arts and politics in contemporary Greece. "Eternity and a Day"” is serious cinema for serious viewers, but it's also seriously great, epic and masterfully done.