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Eighth Grade

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Eighth Grade

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What's it About

Teenage Kayla (Fisher) makes inspirational videos for her own YouTube channel. But no one watches and her messages of self-confidence and empowerment stand in stark contrast to her actual life where she has no friends and is crippled by awkward shyness. Kayla lives with her dad (Hamilton) who tries desperately to reach out to her as she enters her final week of middle school.

Why we love it

Comedian/YouTube star Burnham’s first feature delivers a vivid take on the sheer awkwardness and agony of growing up, via one awkward teen who has yet to find herself. Fisher conveys the insecurities and dreams of young adulthood with humanity and heart; no one will watch and not cringe in sympathy, if not familiarity. Winner of numerous awards, this honest, unflinching work about social media’s place in teenage life never hits a false note. Go back to school for “Eighth Grade”.

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