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Driving Miss Daisy Poster
Released Runtime Category
1990 99 Comedy, Drama
Director Language
Bruce Beresford English
Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, Dan Ackroyd

Driving Miss Daisy

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What's it About
After she drives her Packard into the neighbor's garden, 72-year-old Jewish belle Miss Daisy Werthan (Tandy) reluctantly agrees to hire Hoke (Freeman), a gentlemanly black chauffeur, at the behest of her son Boolie (Ackroyd). Over the next 25 years, their day-to-day relationship is marked by intimate, lively conversation regarding the changes ushered in by the burgeoning civil-rights movement. In time, they each come to realize just how much they have in common, and how strong their personal affection has grown.
Why we love it
A grand adaptation of Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Miss Daisy” succeeds largely on the strong acting merits of its two leads: stage veteran Tandy and the gentle, self-effacing Freeman. Of course, the backdrop of the film is the tumultuous change sweeping through the Old South and the upsetting of dusty old customs, especially regarding race relations. Beresford handles this material with aplomb, giving Tandy and Freeman lots of room to develop their front seat/back seat rapport. Ultimately, it's a story of friendship, and a dignified one at that. “Miss Daisy” picked up well-deserved Oscars for Best Picture, Actress, and Screenplay.

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