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Dressed to Kill

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Dressed to Kill

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What's it About

Kate Miller (Dickinson), an alluring middle aged lady, enjoys a wild one-night stand and shortly after ends up brutally murdered. Liz Blake (Allen), the young call-girl who witnesses the killing, gets drawn into the investigation by Kate's nerdy son Peter (Gordon). A gruff police detective named Marino (Franz) also wants answers, and among others, interrogates Kate's smooth psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Elliott (Caine), who cites professional ethics to limit his disclosures. Just who will unlock this grisly mystery first?

Why we love it

This outstanding thriller from director De Palma is a reverent, worthy homage to Hitchcock, with some added kinkiness thrown in for good measure. Extremely creepy and achingly suspenseful, this film may bring a few sleepless nights, but it's so well-done that it's worth the insomnia. The sexy cab scene with Angie is justly famous, and Caine is superb as the mysterious shrink who may know more than he's telling. Don't miss this one, mystery fans.

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