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Dr. No Poster
Released Runtime Category
1962 110 Action/Adventure
Director Language
Terence Young English
Sean Connery, Joseph Wiseman, Ursula Andress, Jack Lord

Dr. No

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What's it About

While in Jamaica investigating the murder of a fellow British agent, James Bond (Connery) and American CIA operative Felix Leiter (Lord) discover that criminal mastermind Dr. No (Wiseman) is planning to blackmail the U.S. by diverting rockets launched from Cape Canaveral. Together with gorgeous Honey Ryder (Andress), 007 makes the perilous journey to Dr. No's isolated island compound at Crab Key, battling an army of deadly henchmen in an attempt to curtail the Asian scientist's crazed scheme.   

Why we love it

Shot on location in Jamaica, Young's color-saturated, action-packed "Dr. No" introduced the world to British Secret Service Agent 007, played by a 32-year-old Connery. Less cheeky and a bit more cold-blooded than he would become in later Bond films, Connery's 007 is still a model of charm and confidence in this exceedingly well-plotted actioner, especially when it comes to the ladies. And the sexy, bikini-clad Andress, first seen emerging nymph-like from the ocean, set the gauge at "super-hot" for future Bond girls. Don't say "No" to this thrilling spy adventure.   

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