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Don's Party Poster
Released Runtime Category
1976 90 Drama, Comedy
Director Language
Bruce Beresford English
Jeanie Drynan, Pat Bishop, John Hargreaves

Don's Party

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What's it About
This "Party" takes place on Australia's Election Day in 1969. To mark the occasion, Don (Hargreaves) and wife Kath (Drynan) hold a blow-out, inviting a mix of married friends and swinging singles. With booze flowing freely, it isn't long before inhibitions are overcome, and we witness underlying dynamics among the various couples, and some fairly primitive forms of male/female jockeying.
Why we love it

Here the talented Beresford ("Breaker Morant") provides a biting, unvarnished look at the state of affairs between the sexes, and it ain't all pretty. His gift for highly personal, intimate film-making makes us all flies on the wall, and what we see unfold is by turns comically human and undeniably sad. Importantly, the ring of truth is maintained throughout. Though the characters may not remember what happened in the morning, we certainly will. Sure, it's not all fun and games, but this "Party" is still worth attending.

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