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Divorce Italian Style

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Divorce Italian Style

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What's it About

Sicilian nobleman Ferdinand "Fefé" Cefalu (Mastroianni) desperately wants to desert his mewling, sex-crazed wife, Rosalia (Rocca), since he's burning to wed his innocent but luscious 16-year-old cousin Angela (Sandrelli). But divorce is out of the question, so the only way to rid himself of Rosalia is to murder her in a fit of jealous rage, which a wronged husband to get off for (then) in Italy. But how in the world can Fefé make Rosalia attractive to a potential cuckold?

Why we love it

Germi's wry, black-comedic satire on Italy's outmoded marital laws and culture of machismo was a triumph for the writer-director and his leading man, both of whom picked up Oscar nods. Mastroianni, delivering one of his finest comedic performances, carries the film from first frame to last, almost Keaton-esque in his deadpan mannerisms. Originally conceived as a hard-hitting drama (Germi's specialty at the time), "Divorce" delves right into the issue at hand — women — with a devilish, socially biting sense of humor, such as the farcical fantasy sequences where Fefé imagines offing Rosalia in inventive ways. If "Divorce" was always this much fun, who'd be married?