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What's it About

"Diner" takes us back to Baltimore, 1959, and into the lives of several former high school pals adjusting to young adulthood. The group includes Eddie (Guttenberg), who's nervous about an upcoming marriage; Shrevie and Beth (Stern and Barkin), who've taken the plunge and are having a rough patch; Tim, a boozing rich kid (Bacon); and Boogie (Rourke), a sweet-natured guy with a gambling problem. The diner is their mainstay, the center of their shared lives. Even as an often bewildering outside world intrudes, these friends believe they'll always have the diner.

Why we love it

Barry Levinson's break-through movie was the first in a trilogy of films about his hometown of Baltimore, and it's still our favorite. Brimming with humor, pathos, and period detail, Levinson's Oscar-nominated script also provided an outstanding showcase for up-and-comers Rourke, Stern, Barkin, and Bacon. Talk about a winning ensemble — not one of them hits a false note. Don't miss this small movie with a very big heart. 

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