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This rousing, melodramatic rock doc follows the on-and-off-stage antics of two bands  a mercurial, shabby-psychedelic group from L.A. called "The Brian Jonestown Massacre," led by volatile singer-songwriter Anton Newcombe, and Portland's pop-savvy "Dandy Warhols," fronted by the photogenic Courtney Taylor. Following the bands at home, in the studio, and on tour, we watch the paths of these talented artists (and friends) diverge wildly, as one hops the road to glitzy success, and the other sinks in a spectacular orgy of drug-addled self-destruction.

Why we love it

Seven years in the making, Timoner's absorbing, eye-opening, two-band portrait pillories the excesses of record-industry image-making and greed. It also functions as a fascinating portrait of frontman Anton, who's both a prodigiously talented musician and a megalomaniac. Next to the polished, even-keeled Taylor  a friend and supporter  Newcombe seems like an unhinged, tortured genius set to self-destruct. His fistfight with his own band members on-stage at an industry showcase is just the beginning of a long, slow ride to hell. You'll "Dig" this sad, outrageous, thoroughly engrossing portrait of dysfunction in the music business.

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