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Good-natured “Darling” Diana Scott (Christie) is an aspiring, deeply ambitious model in the haute world of mid ’60s London. Seeking exit from a troubled marriage to a childhood sweetheart, she meets and falls for well-known TV journalist Robert Gold (Bogarde), who promptly leaves his own marriage to shack up with Diane. But he also introduces the fresh-faced gamine to a wealthy and powerful social set, and before long, Diane has decided to move on...

Why we love it

John Schlesinger is best known as the director of landmark films like “Midnight Cowboy” and “Marathon Man.” But in 1965, he directed this biting, critically acclaimed satire of jet-set alienation in swinging London starring Julie Christie, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of a bed-hopping, fiercely opportunistic beauty. Utilizing the visual dynamism of the French New Wave, Schlesinger’s portrait of an outwardly charming young woman who’s anything but a “Darling” remains a trenchant critique of social hypocrisy, sexual politics, and the shallowness of fashion-world flash.