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What's it About

Meet the charming butchers, bakers, perfume makers, barbers, tailors, clock repairmen, and other artisanal shopkeepers who ply their trades on the Parisian street where filmmaker Agnes Varda lived in the 1970s. Varda lovingly captures a rapidly fading era, as the tradespeople describe the nature of their work, how they met their spouses, when they moved to Rue Daguerre, and what they daydream about. Interspersed between these segments is a command performance by a local magician who entertains and enchants the residents on their time off. 

Why we love it

A love letter to the people who worked with their hands and hearts on the Rue Daguerre, this intimate documentary gives you a birds-eye view of the residents of one quaint shopping district as it once was. The movie is refreshingly quiet and contemplative — —all you hear besides shopkeepers, customers, and passersby are ambient sounds of dogs barking, doors shutting, and occasionally, cars honking. And while not much happens in the movie, the portraits of these noble, hardworking people are as captivating and mesmerizing as any plot-rich film. An understated gem, full of warmth and rich in humanity.