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Crimson Gold

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Crimson Gold

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What's it About

Pizza deliveryman Hussein (Hossain Emadeddin) is constantly confronted by social inequity. Driving to wealthy neighborhoods to deliver pizza and returning to his own poverty every day, Hussein sees the full contrast between rich and poor in Iran. Denied access to a jewelry store due to his appearance and humiliated by a taste of luxury, Hussein finally snaps.

Why we love it

Panahi's "Crimson Gold" draws a bead on class conflict in modern Tehran with unabashed directness, so it's no surprise the film was banned upon completion. Written by Abbas Kiarostami ("A Taste of Cherry"), the movie is built around the grandly indolent, fatalistic performance of Emadeddin, who holds the same position in life as in this film. Kiarostami has wrapped his acid commentary on class divisions in the guise of a film noir – the first shot is a long heist sequence that ends with a double shooting, which triggers a long flashback. Panahi makes the most of this scenario, adding a gritty urban texture to this intriguing story of longing.