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    Come and See

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    Come and See

    What's it About

    Against the wishes of his impoverished mother, 13-year-old Florya (Kravchenko) joins the partisan struggle to push Hitler's troops out of Byelorussia. As a youthful newcomer, Florya is left behind at a forest post with beautiful Glasha (Miranova), the teen lover of his unit's battle-scarred captain. After a terrifying air raid leaves Florya deaf and disoriented, the two return to his home village together, only to encounter horror worse than any imaginable on the front. Thus begins Florya's long, soul-crushing journey into the nightmare of war.

    Why we love it

    Anchored by young Kravchenko's devastating performance, Klimov's intense film revisits the unthinkable atrocities of Germany's occupation of Byelorussia, where Nazis burned more than 600 villages to the ground, along with their inhabitants. Director Klimov takes this harrowing story (penned with war survivor Ales Adamovich) and gives it a potent cinematic treatment. With its attention to landscape and human faces, and highly subjective use of color and sound, "Come and See" is a gut-wrenching war drama like no other.

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