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What's it About

A group of old folks in a rest home get new vim and verve when they sneak into the house next door to swim in the indoor pool. This fountain of youth is made possible by some visiting extra-terrestrials (in human form, led by Dennehy) returning to earth to rescue some fellow aliens (in cocoon form) from the ocean. Once placed in the pool, these cocoons emit a special energy that provides healing and restorative properties to the seniors. The oldsters must keep this magic pool secret from their fellow retirees, since if their cover is blown, the aliens' benign mission could be compromised. But is this too big a secret to keep?

Why we love it

Ron Howard's delightful fantasy/comedy works, thanks primarily to wonderful ensemble playing from a sterling cast of old pros, including '40s star Ameche, real life spouses Cronyn and Tandy, a cantankerous Jack Gilford, and the always reliable Dennehy. Guttenberg is also appealing as the a boat charter operator; he's the only cast member under 50! And Tom Benedek's script is so good-natured and fun that we forget just how far-fetched the whole enterprise is. Watching the infectious "Cocoon," you're reminded that you're as young as you feel.

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