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Beautiful young Cinderella (Andrews) is treated like a servant by her evil stepmother (Chase) and two homely stepsisters (Ballard and Ghostley). When the handsome Prince (Cypher) throws a ball to find a bride, she is forced to stay home. Sad and alone, Cinderella wishes she could be there, when- poof!- her fairy godmother (Adams) comes to the rescue. With a shimmering ball gown, glass slippers and a fancy carriage made from a pumpkin, Cinderella is off for a night to remember.

Why we love it

Hot off Broadway, composers/lyricists Rodgers & Hammerstein were commissioned by CBS to write the music and book for this one-time live performance. They handpicked Andrews for her first appearance on-air, and she dazzles with her inimitable voice and perky interpretation. Aired in color, but recorded only in black and white, this charming, catchy spectacle also features a broadly amusing turn from the stepsisters, and Broadway royalty by way of Lindsay and Stickney. Watched live by over 100 million viewers, this Cinderella stands the test of time!

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