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Carrie Poster
Released Runtime Category
1976 98 Horror
Director Language
Brian De Palma English
Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen, Amy Irving, William Katt, John Travolta


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What's it About

Shy, sweet, and gentle Carrie (Spacek) just can't catch a break. She's got a wacked-out harridan for a mother (Laurie), and her high-school classmates tease her mercilessly. Immature and unfeeling as they are, they simply don't know what they're dealing with. It turns out Carrie is equipped with telekinetic powers that kick in when she's angry, and that's bound to happen soon. Watch out!

Why we love it

Based on Stephen King's book, this horror outing finds director de Palma at his twisted best. Spacek is perfect as the diminutive blonde bombshell set to detonate; Laurie causes involuntary shudders playing Carrie's deranged mom; and you can't wait to see all those nasty adolescents at school get what's coming to them. (This group includes future stars Travolta, Allen, and Irving). The concluding prom scene is one of the greatest sequences in horror films. Pick "Carrie" — but don't pick on her!

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