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Captains Courageous

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Captains Courageous

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What's it About

Young Harvey Cheyne (Bartholomew) is the pampered son of a wealthy widower and tycoon (Douglas) who has learned he can get whatever he wants if he whines, lies, and screams loud enough. On a posh cruise to Europe with his father, Harvey falls overboard and is rescued by a boat full of fishermen, including crusty skipper Disko (Barrymore) and the kind-hearted, Portugese-born Manuel (Tracy). As Harvey's official rescuer, Manuel undertakes to teach Harvey about real life and the ways of humble men who work the seas.

Why we love it

Based on a Rudyard Kipling story, this heartwarming adventure saga follows the transformation of a bratty pantywaist into a decent young man under the tutelage of Tracy's gentle fisherman. Bartholomew is a natural playing the self-centered child of privilege, and really clicks with Tracy, who won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as the sensitive Manuel (though he hated putting on an Iberian accent). Absorbing for viewers of any age, "Captains" is a rousing tale whose bittersweet climax will not leave a dry eye on deck.