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Breaker Morant

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Breaker Morant

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What's it About

When war breaks out in 1899 between Great Britain and the Boers (African settlers of Dutch heritage), a number of Australians volunteer to serve in the British army. In the heat of battle, a group of Boer prisoners and a German missionary are killed by an Australian unit, and three men – including Lieutenant Harry "Breaker" Morant (Woodward) – are court-martialed for murder, to placate both the Germans and the Boers, who may be ready to make peace.

Why we love it

One of the high points in Australian cinema, Beresford's devastating film recounts the true story of Australian soldiers martyred for political expediency. Accurately depicting the injustice visited upon these three "colonials" by their British commanders, "Morant" is also a magnificent character study. Thompson is terrific as the lawyer who defends the men, but Woodward's resonant, heart-rending performance in the title role is reason enough to see this stunning film.