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    Bread and Tulips

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    Bread and Tulips

    What's it About

    Bored with the tedium of her life, middle-aged housewife Rosalba (Maglietta) decides to hitchhike home after a tour bus carrying her family leaves her stranded at a roadside cafe. Instead of waiting there as instructed by her selfish husband (Catania), Rosalba hitches her way to Venice, where she finally indulges in a vacation of her own. Soon, she has befriended Fernando (Ganz), a melancholic waiter and poet from Iceland whose quiet dignity and kindness help restore her zest for life.

    Why we love it

    Referencing earlier films like "Summertime," Soldini's breezy, romantic story of a neglected wife rebelling against the constraints of her life may not be totally original, but with its gorgeous locale, tender charm, and a sultry, knowing performance by Maglietta, it goes down as easy as fresh baked bread and a glass of Chianti. Italians ate it up, too, garlanding "Tulips" with a slew of Donatello awards (their version of the Oscars). The ever-intriguing Ganz is restrained but likable here, too, as a gentle man who introduces Rosalba to a host of eccentrics  and a whole new way to live. For a welcome change of pace, dig into "Bread and Tulips."

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