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Bob Dylan: No Direction Home

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Bob Dylan: No Direction Home

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What's it About

Scorsese's ambitious two-part documentary covers the enigmatic balladeer's rise, focusing on Dylan's artistic courage in shifting from folk to rock-infused songs in the mid-sixties, and his steadfast refusal to play a broader cultural role in these tumultuous times. He wanted simply to make music, and let the music speak for itself. Here the director fashions a masterful portrait of a pivotal crossroads in Dylan's career, leading up to the serious 1966 motorcycle accident that signaled a prolonged hiatus from touring.

Why we love it

This intimate, insightful film makes it clear that Dylan would likely have taken a break from public performances anyhow, as his mid-sixties tour in England was met with hostility every time the singer picked up an electric guitar, further straying from his sacred folk roots. "Home" constitutes a fascinating sixties time capsule, and a revealing meditation on artistic integrity and the pitfalls of fame. (It's also a perfect companion piece to D.A. Pennebaker's earlier Dylan profile — 1965's "Don't Look Back.)

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