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    Blind Chance

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    Blind Chance

    What's it About

    At a pivotal moment in his life, medical student Witek (Linda) runs to catch a train from Lodz to Warsaw, not knowing that the outcome of his attempt will affect the rest of his life. We follow three variations on these circumstances, each reflecting three possible futures for the resourceful traveler who finds himself at the mercy of fate.

    Why we love it

    Banned upon its release in 1982, Kieslowski's engrossing drama is a sly commentary on Poland's uncertain future under Stalinist repression. In separate sequences, Witek alternately joins the Communist Party, becomes a dissident, and settles down to a quiet, apolitical life with a lovely woman, with each turn of events hinging on the accidents of fate. An intelligent ruse that inspired later films like "Facing Windows" and "Run, Lola, Run," Kieslowski's "Blind Chance" is an intriguing, multilayered entertainment with a lot on its mind.

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