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    Blame It on Fidel

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    Blame It on Fidel

    What's it About

    Nine-year-old Catholic schoolgirl Anna (Kervel-Bey) sees her complacent, idyllic home life turned inside out when her parents, lawyer Fernando (Accorsi) and magazine writer Marie (Depardieu), become leftist activists after an eye-opening trip to Salvador Allende's Chile. With bearded radicals roaming their apartment at all hours, and her parents seemingly more consumed with political agitation than parenting, Anna becomes a resentful reactionary.

    Why we love it

    This cheeky, endearing spoof of Europe's flirtation with radical politics in the post-May '68 years dramatizes the tension between a child's middle-class sensibilities and her parents' fervent conversion to Latin-American-style communism. What better material for the daughter of famed rabble-rousing director Costa-Gavras ("Z," "Battle of Algiers") to tackle, presumably with some autobiographical integrity? With wit and warmth, Gavras playfully examines the clan's family dynamics, while underlining the flipside of well-meaning idealism.