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    Black Book

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    Black Book

    What's it About

    Dyeing her hair platinum blonde so she can pass as an Aryan, Jewish singer and survivor Rachel Stein (Van Houten) transforms herself into a siren named Ellis de Vries. This beautiful lady is then dispatched by the Dutch resistance to seduce handsome Gestapo chief Captain Muntze (Koch) in hopes that she can access sensitive intelligence. But, like Ellis, no one in occupied Holland is quite who they appear to be.

    Why we love it

    Veteran director Paul Verhoeven ("Basic Instinct") returned to his native Netherlands to film this riveting World War II adventure thriller, which seamlessly merges a Holocaust survival tale with breathless, Hollywood-style entertainment. Verhoeven certainly found a striking heroine in Van Houten; this lovely, uninhibited Dutch actress appears destined for great things. German actor Koch ("The Lives of Others") has charisma to match hers — which could explain why they fell in love on the set! From the suspenseful opening to the bittersweet finale, "Black Book" is chock-full of twisty, edge-of-your-seat thrills.

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