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    Band of Outsiders

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    Band of Outsiders

    What's it About

    Franz (Sami Frey) and Arthur (Brasseur) are two handsome, freewheeling Gallic youths who enjoy acting like hardboiled characters in American film noirs. Franz meets beautiful Odile (Karina) one day in an English class, and she mentions that her aunt, with whom she lives, keeps a large stash of cash hidden in the house. Arthur and Franz concoct a plan to steal the money, and convince Odile to help them.

    Why we love it

    Like Godard's "Breathless," the exhilarating "Outsiders" is one of the director's most accessible and enjoyable outings from the 1960s. Part buddy film, part crime-gone-wrong drama, it tells the story of three disaffected friends whose ill-advised adventure in armed robbery is really a way for Godard to capture their devil-may-care youthfulness. Tracking the trio's romp through the Louvre (to beat the nine-minute record of an American tourist!) or staging a cool, dazzling three-way dance (the Madison) next to a café jukebox, Godard is at his most invigorating here. In all, "Outsiders" is atmospheric, free-spirited, and fun.

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