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Back to the Future

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What's it About
Accidentally transported back into the 1950s in a souped-up time machine invented by eccentric, half-cocked scientist Doc (Lloyd), high-schooler Marty McFly (Fox) finds himself inadvertently interfering in the budding romance between his parents, cute bobby-soxer Lorraine (Thompson) and nerdy George (Glover).
Why we love it
Robert Zemeckis put a hip ’80s spin on the old time-travel conundrum about how to avoid negative future outcomes, stuffing his movie with clever plot twists, lots of anachronistic humor, and a sweet love story between ... well, mother and son. The special effects are fun and not too gimmicky, and Lloyd’s over-the-top turn as a demented research scientist plays perfectly off Fox’s smart-alecky teen every-guy. Gear up for a fun ride into the “Future"!

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