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What's it About
 In 1979, amidst strong anti-Western sentiment, the American Embassy in Iran is stormed and hostages are taken. Six staffers escape and take refuge in the home of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor (Garber). CIA extraction expert Tony Mendez (Affleck) then concocts an unlikely scheme to enter Iran as a movie producer scouting locations for a film shoot. Hollywood producer Lester Siegel (Arkin) and makeup artist John Chambers (Goodman) are enlisted to help him set up an elaborate fake production. Once in Tehran, Mendez coaches his charges to play the parts of a Canadian film crew. Finally, they attempt their daring escape.
Why we love it
Affleck’s third time behind the camera yields a nail-biting political thriller, based on a true story. And let’s not forget comedy, ably provided by Goodman and Arkin as two larger than life Hollywood characters you wouldn’t normally find in a movie like this. Director Affleck paces the film skillfully, shifting seamlessly between tense scenes in Tehran and lighter moments stateside. Nominated for seven Oscars, the film won three, including Best Picture. On a quiet night, it’s “Argo” to the rescue!

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