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Amadeus Poster
Released Runtime Category
1984 180 Drama
Director Language
Milos Forman English
Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham, Elizabeth Berridge


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What's it About
Told in flashback by aged 18th-century Viennese composer Salieri (Abraham), now confined to an asylum, this drama unveils the rivalry that developed 30 years before between Salieri and 26-year-old music prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Hulce), who quickly gains the favor of Joseph II of Austria (Jeffrey Jones). Livid that a vulgar, silly man could be blessed with such talent, the jealous Salieri plots a foolproof way to destroy the gifted composer.
Why we love it
A marvelously acted, flawlessly directed story about jealousy, obsession, and perfectionism, Forman's stunning "Amadeus" mixes suspenseful drama with historical fact to create a winning fictional biography. The lead actors inhabit their roles with gusto, with Hulce's crass talent playing off Abraham's guileful Salieri with great results. Neville Marriner brings Mozart's music to vigorous life. Winning Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor (Abraham), "Amadeus" is a triumph that will delight anyone with a soft spot for cracked genius.

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