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After the Wedding

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After the Wedding

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What's it About

Jacob Petersen (Mikkelsen) runs an orphanage in India that needs money, so when Danish tycoon Jorgen Hannson (Lassgard) agrees to donate $4 million, with the caveat that Jacob must meet him in person, he boards a plane for home. Once there, Jorgen insists that Jacob accompany him to his daughter's wedding the following day, and at the reception, introduces him to his wife, Helene (Knudsen). But it seems Jacob and Helene have met before. This is just the first of several secrets the film reveals. But the burning question revolves around the enigmatic Jorgen: just what are his true motives here?

Why we love it

Bier's provocative tearjerker is a richly drawn study of interpersonal connection and coincidence, full of revelations and surprise twists. Her cast is splendid, with each actor investing his or her role with plenty of heartfelt emotion. This sterling ensemble effort really makes the film feel true-to-life, overcoming what in lesser hands could have felt contrived. Ultimately, "Wedding" is an extremely well-crafted but also wise film, sure to leave you in a charitable mood.

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