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Adam's Apples

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What's it About
Good pastor Ivan (Mikkelsen) has devoted his life to helping those in need. But he's not quite prepared for godless Adam (Thomsen), an unreformed neo-Nazi just released from prison and discharged to Ivan's parish for community service. When Adam says, sarcastically, he'd like to bake a cake, he's given the task of caring for the church's sacred apple tree.
Why we love it
Is life meaningless? Does evil exist in the hearts of us all? Jensen's quirky, black-humored comedy tackles these and a lot of other spiritual conundrums in a series of surreal, often brutally violent, and hysterically funny episodes. Ivan, meanwhile, must contend with a depressed woman (Steen) he convinces out of an abortion. Through it all, Jensen sticks to his classic good-vs.-evil theme — will Ivan's boundless Christian optimism sink under Adam's Satanic cynicism? — and the results are divine.

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