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A Sunday in the Country

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A Sunday in the Country

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What's it About

Set just before the outbreak of the First World War, we join a family ritual of one Monsieur L'Admiral (Ducreux), an aging impressionist painter, who each summer Sunday hosts his son (Aumont) and family at his country home. Little does he know that on this particular day, his beloved wayward daughter Irene (Azéma) will also show up. The film explores the established dynamics between father and his two very different children, and reflects the senior L'Admiral's burning need for self-assessment as he nears the end of his days. 

Why we love it

"Sunday" is a subtly drawn, gentle tale about the vagaries of family and the reality of encroaching mortality. With stunning color photography romancing the lush French countryside, director Tavernier layers the film with a soft gauze of nostalgia and regret that makes "Sunday" all the more affecting. Don't let this quietly pass you by.